In addition to offering whole grain and fermentation nutrition classes, bread baking demonstrations and consultation, I am also an Independent Authorized L'Equip Distributor and can help you identify and purchase the appliances, tools and supplies that can help you prepare healthy, real food for you and your family. 


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        50 lb. Bronze Chief                                                                 $34.00

        Bronze Chief (per lb.)                                                              $0.85

        50 lb. Prairie Gold                                                                   $36.00

        Prairie Gold (per lb.)                                                                $0.90

        50 lb. Spelt                                                                              $55.00

        Spelt (per lb.)                                                                           $1.20

        50 lb. Organic Spelt                                                                 $85.00


        Organic Spelt (per lb.)                                                             $1.75

        50 Organic Kamut                                                                   $70.00

        Organic Kamut (per lb.)                                                           $1.50

         *Other grains (rye, oats, quinoa, millet, popcorn, etc.) available upon request.

Freshly Milled Whole Grain Flour

        5 lb. Prairie Gold flour                                                               $8.00

        5 lb. Spelt flour                                                                          $10.00

        5 lb. Organic Spelt flour                                                            $11.00

        5 lb. Organic Kamut flour                                                          $11.50

        5 lb. Soft Wheat flour (whole grain pastry flour)                        $8.00

        5 lb. Sprouted Spelt flour (Stutzman Farms)                             $12.00


Baking Supplies

        Real Salt (per lb.)                                                                      $4.00

        Himalayan Pink Salt (per lb.)                                                    $6.00

          *course, fine, and powder grinds available

        Vital Wheat Gluten (16 oz)                                                       $6.50

        Dough Enhancer (16 oz)                                                          $8.99

        SAF Instant Yeast (16 oz)                                                        $4.99

        Liquid Lecithin (16 oz)                                                              $8.99

        Silicone Pastry Brush                                                               $4.50

        Stainless Steel Bread Pan                                                       $11.00

        Stainless Steel Bread Pans (set of 5)                                      $50.00

        Deluxe Pastry/Pizza Roller                                                       $6.99

        Dough Scraper                                                                          $4.99

        Dough Whisk (12”/15”)                                                              $8.99/$9.99

        Squeeze Bottle (16 oz)                                                             $1.99

        Digital Thermometer                                                                 $14.99

        “Healthy Recipes” Cookbook                                                    $24.00

        Roul’pat Workstation Mat (full size)                                          $44.99

        Roul’pat Workstation Mat (jumbo size)                                     $59.99

        Escali Primo Digital Kitchen Scale                                            $24.99

        EVO Olive Oil Sprayer                                                              $11.99

        Bread Bags with Twist Ties, 10 count                                       $1.00

Please email me at to order.

Grain & Supplies

Please email me at to order any of the products below . . .


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